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Club name Fylkir
Shirt colors Orange / Orange
Teams Girls 15, Girls 16
Country Iceland

8 games played


About Fylkir

Fylkir was one of 11 clubs from Iceland that had teams playing during Gothia Cup 2018. They participated with two teams in Girls 15 and Girls 16 respectively. Two teams played until 1/32 Final in Play off A; Girls 15 lost against Lambertseter IF by 0-2 and Girls 16 lost against Örebro SK Söder by 1-2.

The area around does also provide 10 additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup 2018 (FH, FC KR, HK, Leiknir, Valur, Breidablik, Stjarnan, IBV, Keflavik and Breidholt).

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