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Sölvesborgs GIF

Club name Sölvesborgs GIF
Shirt colors Black / White / White
Teams Boys 12, Boys 15, Boys 16
Country Sweden

13 games played


About Sölvesborgs GIF

Sölvesborgs GIF was one of 427 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Gothia Cup 2018. They participated with three teams in Boys 12, Boys 15 and Boys 16 respectively. Three teams played until 1/32 Final in Play off A; Boys 12 lost against Hammarby IF FF 2 by 4-5, Boys 15 lost against SKF Indonesia by 0-6 and Boys 16 lost against SK Djerv 1919 by 2-3.

Sölvesborgs GIF comes from Sölvesborg which lies approximately 250 km from Göteborg, where Gothia Cup takes place. The area around Sölvesborg does also provide 7 additional clubs participating during Gothia Cup 2018 (Kristianstad FC, Åhus HBK, IFK Knislinge, Kristianstad United FS, Kristianstads DFF, Nosaby IF and Asarums IF/FK).

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