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KSV Klein-Karben

Club name KSV Klein-Karben
Shirt colors Blue / Blue / White
Teams Boys 12, Boys 13 1, Boys 13 2, Boys 14, Boys 16
Country Germany

25 games played


About KSV Klein-Karben

KSV Klein-Karben was one of 69 clubs from Germany that had teams playing during Gothia Cup 2017. They participated with 5 teams in Boys 12, Boys 13, Boys 14 and Boys 16 respectively. Two teams played until 1/8 Final in Play off A; Boys 12 lost against Lizzy Football Club by 0-6 and Boys 14 lost against IFK Österåker by 1-2.

In addition to this, KSV Klein-Karben have participated in Gothia Cup before. During Gothia Cup 2016, KSV Klein-Karben had three teams playing in Boys 12 and Boys 15 respectively. The team in Boys 12 made it to the the 1/8 Final in Play off A, but lost it against IF Brommapojkarna by 1-2.

KSV Klein-Karben comes from Karben which lies approximately 860 km from Göteborg, where Gothia Cup takes place. Other than KSV Klein-Karben, the club Concordia Eschersheim does also originate from the area around Karben.

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